Communautés locales et gibiers dans la région de Daraina, extrême Nord-Est de Madagascar

Hery A. Rakotondravony


Wild meats take part in the daily protein sources for many Malagasy rural communities. Many animal species are affected by hunting, which is practiced during almost all seasons in Madagascar. In the Daraina region, animal groups hunted by local people are mainly mammals, birds, fishes, and reptiles. As the natural habitats within this region are actually highly perturbated by human activities, and as this region shows a high population growth, hunting may constitute a severe threat for many species. Sustainable management of these later depends on local population awareness regarding the threats of intensive hunting on animals as well as on the natural ecosystems.


bush meet; hunting; gibier; chasse; pêche

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Madag. conserv. dev.
ISSN: 1662-2510